Author Alexander Kuprin

a cold town in southern Russia, a military unit of the N-Russian Infantry Regiment. Kuprin himself served in the army and small episodes describing the everyday life of the Russian army of the second half of the 19th century, shown by the author very vividly and historically truthfully. In the book you will find colorful images of Russian officers, philosophical reflections on man and the great intensity of passions. Surrounded by drunkenness, debauchery and blunt army life looms a bright, romantic image of a young subaltern-officer Romashov, growing up his soul and searching for answers to simple questions posed by life itself. Lack of clear goals, detachment from reality and love for a married woman lead him to a fatal duel. Kuprin's novel "The Fight" written during the Russo-Japanese War reveals the painful problems that are brewing in the Russian military environment. Deep psychological analysis, learned by Kuprin from Tolstoy, the passionate attitude of the writer to the problem set by him, the brilliant style make "The Fight" as interesting for us as for Kuprin's contemporaries.
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Alexander Kuprin is a classic of Russian literature, a master of short storytelling, the author of amazing stories. Kuprin is an extraordinary storyteller who knows how to captivate the reader. His pen belongs to the novels "Moloch" and "Olesya", the stories "White Poodle" and "Granate Bracelet". Kuprin worked on the novel "Yama" from 1909 to 1915. This is a book about prostitution, about one of the brothels - the institution of Anna Markovna Shoybes. Korney Chukovsky called the work "a slap in the face to the whole modern society." Kuprin put on public display brothels, presented them in the most cynical form. And loudly, loudly. We are talking about Lubki, Manki, Tanki - how many of them are in those houses. Every crippled destiny has its own story. What can wait for a ten-year-old girl, who was let by her mother' saleswoman?
Genre: 20th century literature, russian classics
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Pomegranate bracelet
The sketch "Granat bracelet" gives us the opportunity to trace the fate of the same mystical pomegranate bracelet from the famous story of A. Kuprin.
Genre: modern russian literature