Author Alexander Pushkin

Captain's Daughter Captain's Daughter - book and audiobook
In the novel "Captain's Daughter" A.S. Pushkin painted a bright picture of the spontaneous peasant uprising led by Emelian Pugachev.
Genre: 19th century literature, russian classics, school textbooks
Eugene Onegin
Years go by, but Pushkin's masterpiece "Eugene Onegin" does not lose its relevance. This work is familiar in school, and no criticism can push back the glory of the poem novel. The plot of A.S. Pushkin has repeatedly been the basis of theatrical performances, operas and ballets, which can be seen on the stage of the world's leading theaters. Eugene Onegin has been translated into French, German, English, Hebrew and many other languages. This work influenced other artists, including Tchaikovsky and Shchedrin. The love story of Frant Onegin and the strong spirit of Tatiana falls into the hearts of those who read "Eugene Onegin" for the first time, and gives food for thought to readers already familiar with the plot and heroes.
Genre: poetry
Breter's and the catch story "Shot" was valued by Alexander Pushkin's contemporaries far above all the other "Belkin's Stories" Ambiguous, a controversial figure of Silvio, obsessed with revenge, at a time when the slightest quarrel grew into a duel, found a lively response in the minds and hearts of the reader. Pushkin created an incredibly lively image. It is impossible to determine whether Silvio is good or bad. He's just alive, real, and in him, as in any of us, the good and the bad get along side by side.
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The Tale of King Saltan
"Three girls under the window
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