Author Anton Chekhov

An attacker
"Before the judicial investigator stands a small, extremely skinny man in a motley shirt and latham ports. His hair-covered and ripped face and eyes, barely visible because of his thick, overhanging eyebrows, have an expression of sullen harshness. On the head of a whole hat long already uncombed, confused hair, which gives it even more, spider harshness. He's a boss..."
Genre: 19th century literature, russian classics
"The young red dog - a cross between a d get-go with a poo - looked very much like a fox, ran back and forth on the pavement and looked around uneasily. Occasionally she stopped and, crying, lifting one chilled paw, then another, tried to let herself know: how could it happen, that she got lost?
Genre: 19th century literature, russian classics
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"... Can I be here... you, - Voldyrev addressed to him, - to report on my case? I'm Voldyrev... And by the way, I need to get a copy from the march 2nd magazine ruling.
Genre: 19th century literature, russian classics
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House with mezzanine
"It was six or seven years ago, when I lived in one of the counties of T-o province, in the estate of the landowner Belokurov, a young man who got up very early, went to the bottom of the house, drank beer in the evenings and all complained to me that he was nowhere and no one meets sympathy. He lived in the garden in the outhouse, and I was in an old bar house, in a huge hall with columns, where there was no furniture, except for the wide sofa on which I slept, and even the table on which I laid out solitaire. Here always, even in quiet weather, something buzzed in the old Amos furnaces, and during a thunderstorm the whole house trembled and seemed to be cracking apart, and it was a little scary, especially at night, when all ten large windows were suddenly illuminated by lightning..."
Genre: school textbooks
Life in questions and exclamations
«... Who did God give, son or daughter? Is it going to be baptized soon? Big boy! Don't drop it, mummy! Oh, oh! Fall!! Did you cut through? Is that his gold? Take a cat from him, or she'll scratch him! Pull your uncle by the moustache! So! Don't cry! The house is coming! He can walk already! Get him out of here - he's impolite!...."
"Every evening, before I went to my room and went to bed, my wife and I read a book aloud. Reading continued normally until the tired eye ceased to distinguish the letters. The most witty, artistic places seemed then incomprehensible algebraic formulas, deadly wanted to sleep, and sleep beckoned so uncontrollably that no interesting position described by the author, whether it was a duel, a crime disclosure, love with a dubious outcome - could not make me awake and read the chapter to the end. The book slammed shut, I kissed my wife, wished her a good night, and, taking the candle, went to myself..."
Genre: 20th century literature, russian classics
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"General Marfa Petrovna Pechonkina, or as her men call her, Pechonchikha, who has been practicing homeopathy for ten years, receives patients in his office on one of may Tuesdays. In front of her on the table is a homeopathic first aid kit, a medical facility and a homeopathic pharmacy account. On the wall in the golden frames under the glass hang the letters of some St. Petersburg homeopath, according to Martha Petrovna, very famous and even great, and hangs a portrait of Father Aristarchus, to whom the general owes his salvation: renunciation of malicious allopathy and knowledge of the truth. In the front sit and waiting patients, more and more men. All but two or three of them are bosses, as the general tells me to leave the smelly boots in the yard..."
Genre: 19th century literature, russian classics
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The Man in the Case The Man in the Case - book and audiobook
Anton Chekhov's story "The Man in the Case" is the most famous work from his series "Little Trilogy". The story of a skittish teacher of the ancient Greek language, which is vividly characterized by his favorite phrase: "no matter what happens." This is an ingenious embodiment of the image of a person creating an impenetrable "case" around him, a protective shell. Personalities like Belikov existed then, they are now - so the story of the great Russian writer and playwright does not lose its relevance. A small work after the first publication in the magazine "Russian Thought" in 1898 caused a wide literary and public resonance. Most of all, critics were surprised, admired or irritated (depending on the attitude to Chekhov) the connection of comic and tragic essence in such a small literary form as the story. The vivid characteristic image created by Chekhov took its place among other household names such as Oblomov and Chichikov. The story was twice filmed by Soviet cinema.
Genre: 19th century literature, russian classics, school textbooks
The Story of an Unknown Man
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The lady with the dog The lady with the dog - book and audiobook
The future is new opportunities for all. In the galactic cloaca you can not see where the bureaucrat ends and the pirate begins. Generals on the star frontier steal whole planets, burn evidence with the fire of an atomic explosion, and sell people into slavery along with ships and crews. Just don't think they're trying for themselves; it's all at the request of relatives and friends - because corporations love cheap resources and free labor ... And the fight against piracy is engaged in the most unhind state thief.
Genre: russia (federation)
"A brightly lit hall. A large table set up for dinner. At the table, the footks in tailcoats are clapping. Backstage music plays the last figure of the framed.
Genre: plays and drama, 19th century literature
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"Merciful sovereign, Pavel Andreevich! Not far from us, namely in the village of Pestomov, there are unfortunate facts, which I consider a duty to report. All the peasants of this village sold the huts and all their property and moved to the Province of Tomsk, but did not reach and returned. Here, of course, they have nothing more, everything is now foreign; they settled three and four families in one hut, so that the population of each hut of at least 15 people of both sexes, not counting small children, and in the end there is nothing, hunger, famine, famine of hungry or typhoid; everyone is literally sick. The paramedic says, "You come to the hut and what do you see?" Everyone is sick, everyone is raving, who laughs, who climbs the wall; in the huts stench, no water to serve, nor to bring it no one, and food serves one frozen potato. The paramedic and Sobol (our local doctor) what can they do when they need medicine before they need bread they don't have? The local government refuses that they have already been discharged from this land and are listed in the Tomsk province, and there is no money. By informing you and knowing your humanity, please do not refuse to help as soon as possible. Your well-wisher..."
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"Time was going on for the night. The deacon Savely Gykin was lying in his church guardhouse on a huge bed and did not sleep, although he always used to fall asleep at the same time with chickens. From one side of the planted, sewn from multi-colored patches of blanket looked his red hard hair, from under the other sticking out large, long-worn legs. He listened......"
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