Author Arthur Conan Doyle

Baskerville Dog Baskerville Dog - book and audiobook
"Mr. Sherlock Holmes, who used to get up very late, except for the occasional time when he stayed up at all, sat at breakfast. I was standing on the mat in front of the fireplace and holding a cane, which our visitor had forgotten the night before. It was a beautiful, thick stick with a round snuck. Just under it the stick was covered with a wide (inch wide) silver ribbon, and on this tape was engraved: "James Mortimer, M. R.S. S. from his friends from S.S.N." and the year "1884." It was just the kind of cane worn by ordinary old-fashioned family doctors - venerable, sturdy and reliable..."
Genre: literature
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes - book and audiobook
The first collection of stories about Sherlock Holmes is a story of a military doctor, Dr. Watson (or Watson) about a great detective. Includes stories from 1891-1892. It is this collection that includes stories that became insanely popular in the early 20th century and remain popular until now.
The Lost World The Lost World - book and audiobook
"The Lost World" is a fascinating sci-fi novel by the English writer Arthur Conan Doyle. Brilliant and known for his eccentricity, Professor Challenger states that during a trip to South America he discovered an area where prehistoric life forms are still preserved. The English scientific community decides to check the rightness of the professor. Going on a research expedition, the main characters and did not suspect that they will have to survive in the primitive jungle among the dinosaurs and even to fight with the distant ancestors of modern man. A masterpiece of adventure literature, on which more than one generation of young readers grew up.
Genre: science fiction, foreign fiction
White Squad
This book presents perhaps the most successful work of the inimitable Sir A. Conan Doyle - the historical novel "White Squad"! This is truly the greatest anthem of patriotism, loyalty to duty and courage. From each of its pages is the romance of the Middle Ages - knights and beautiful ladies, crusades and terrible internecine wars. The work on the book lasted almost a year and was completed in early 1890. Conan Doyle later recalled that it was one of the happiest periods of his life. In Conan Doyle's homeland, the "White Squad" immediately gained great popularity. Suffice it to say that in the first eight years alone, it has withstood 25 editions. Many literary critics considered and continue to consider it the best work of Conan Doyle.
Genre: historical adventures, foreign adventures