Author Bernard Shaw

Mrs. Warren's profession Mrs. Warren's profession - book and audiobook
The profession of Mrs. Warren - a play by Bernard Shaw, published in 1893-1894 by George Bernard Shaw - the largest English playwright of the late 19th century. His plays are whipped up by political reaction, normative morality, hypocrisy, bigotry.  "Gentleman (taking off his hat). Forgive me. Can't you tell me where Heindhead View is, Mrs. Alison's house? Young girl (coming off the book). This is The House of The Missus..."
The Man and the Superman The Man and the Superman - book and audiobook
This collection includes three classic plays by Bernard Shaw, different in plot, genre and style - but at the same time equally marked by the genius of the great playwright and his stinging wit. WINNER OF THE WORLD is a caustic parody of "patriotic" melodrama, in which the hero of the War of Independence is a godless man, hanger and smuggler, all his life with pleasure flouted the laws of society. CAESAR and CLEOPATRA - not coming down from the best scenes of the world, not once filmed an absolute masterpiece of the creative heritage of Shaw, a ruthless historical satire on the eternal themes of politics, war and power. MAN AND SUPERMANE - an immortal play, where under...