Author Chesterton Gilbert Kiit

Sapphire cross
"Between the silver ribbon of the morning sky and the green shiny ribbon of the sea, the steamer approached the shore of England and released a dark swarm of people on dry land. The one we follow didn't stand out from them - he didn't want to stand out. Nothing in him attracted attention; except that the festive flair of the costume was not quite connected with the business concern of the look..."
Genre: classic detectives, foreign detectives
Three instruments of death
Mr. Aron Armstrong, a man of his own cheerful and charming life, was found dead under the windows of his own house. A piece of rope, a blood-stained knife and a revolver were found at the crime scene. There are three witnesses, too, and their testimonies are contradictory. Who is the perpetrator? And what was the murder weapon?
Genre: detectives