Author Clive Staples Lewis

Balamut Letters
"There is no prophet in his homeland" - this much-loved by the writers dictum could well confirm and Lewis, because "Letters of Balamut", the first published by him artwork, was almost unnoticed at home, and only noisy success in the U.S. forced the British to appreciate the literary talent of the new author. The plot of "The Letter of Balamut" is uncomplicated - a venerable, much achieved in the hellish hierarchy, fatherly instructs an inexperienced nephew, taking the first steps towards catching human souls. The debut task of a demonic in a diabolical high society - the seduction of a virtuous young Englishman. The young man has just embarked on the path of faith, and his fragile spirit seems to be an easy prey to the young demon. The collection also includes the story "Balamut Offers Toast" adjacent to the Balamut Letters.
Prince Caspian
Books from the series "The Chronicles of Narnia" are well known to fans of the fantasy genre around the world. These are exciting stories about good and evil, about friendship and honesty, which are liked by readers of all ages. The action of "Prince Caspian" also takes place in a magical kingdom, where the ancient rulers want to restore justice and put on the throne of the rightful heir. Susan, Peter, Lucy and Edmund will be here again to survive many adventures, defeat evil opponents and fight for good and truth.
Genre: children's fiction, books about wizards
The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe - book and audiobook
A modern classic of fairy tales for children, standing in line with "Harry Potter," "The Hobbit" and "The Lord of the Rings." The action takes place during the First World War. Four children are rescued from an air raid in an old mansion in the house of an elderly professor in the heart of England. And now, once a small and curious girl Lucy, hiding in a closet, gets into the world of magic - Narnia. Having told about their secret to other guys, they all together in the blink of an eye find themselves in a snowy magical place, where the night reigns and wander unknown creatures. But the guys do not know that Narnia keeps in itself terrible secrets that will force their fates to turn over. The work formed the basis of the popular film Andrew Adamson, which won an Oscar in 2006. The circulation of the book itself exceeded 100 million copies.
Genre: children's fiction, books about wizards, foreign children's books, foreign fantasy