Author David Herbert Lawrence

Lady Chatterley's Lover Lady Chatterley's Lover - book and audiobook
David Herbert Lawrence's last and most famous novel, Lady Chatterley's Lover, was published in 1928 and is immediately banned in the UK and the US as pornographic. The novel was rehabilitated during the trial in 1960. Its re-publishing again caused a furore and caused conflicting responses. The novel is remembered by the skill of lyrical prose and vivid history, immersing the reader in an ocean of sensual relations between a married, young and full of strength aristocrat, forced to hide his sensuality because of the paralysis of her husband, who was seriously injured during the First World War; and a ranger working on their estate. Such a triumph of sensuality and eroticism, liberating a person, making him free, is relevant in our time, when virtual relationships replace the relationship real.
Genre: drama
Women in love Women in love - book and audiobook
The most scandalous novel by Lawrence, for which there was no publisher - and the author had to publish it at his own expense. The novel that brought the author to the dock - for violation of the norms of public morality. Times are changing - and now in the story of two sisters from the English hinterland, professing the idea of "free relations", there is nothing sensational. However, the psychology of the novel and the lightness of style make this work interesting even for the most picky reader.