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Middlemarch Middlemarch - book and audiobook
Mary Ann Evans (such as the real name of the writer) was a woman educated, talented and unconventional thinking - a kind of English Georges Sand. The breadth of her views and deep knowledge were reflected in the writer's work. The most ambitious work by George Eliot, a real great English novel was "Middlemarch." Middlemarch is the name of a provincial town in which the action of the novel takes place and around it. Many characters inhabit his pages, and their fates are intertwined by the will of the author: it is the prude and pedant Casebon and Dorothea Brooke, the talented doctor and scientist Lidgate and the bourgeois Rosamond Vincey, the prudish and hypocrite banker Bulstrol, pastor Ferbrater, talented but poor Will Ladislav and many, many others. Failed marriages and happy marriages, dubious enrichment and rousing around inheritance, political ambition and ambitious intrigues. Middlemarch is a town where many human vices and virtues are manifested.