Author Erich Maria Remarque

On the Western Front without change
It's hard to survive a war, especially if you just left school yesterday. It is even more difficult to imagine what life will be like after the war and whether you will find a place in it... But up to this point you still need to be able to live without going crazy. A whole generation was struck out of normal life by war - and this is what Remark, who himself visited the front, writes about. The war has its own face - horrible, ugly and repulsive. No one of his own free will does not want to look into her empty eye sockets - but the soldier has no choice. The main characters of the novel - Paul Boymer and his classmates, conscripted into the army and sent by command to the Western Front. The war seen through the eyes of young guys is the main content of the book.
Genre: realism
Three comrades Three comrades - book and audiobook
You can read about real human feelings in one of the most poignant novels of the 20th century, Three Comrades. Against the background of the social, economic and political crisis, the relationship between Robbie and Pat - people of different backgrounds and financial situation - develops. Continuing the theme of the lost generation, E.M. Remark touches on the issues of war and tells about people who can not get rid of the ghosts of yesteryear. Remark's work is filled with a thirst for life, despite the death that has soaked every page of his. The novel has been screened many times and became the basis for performances, and the book remains in demand in different countries of the world. "Three comrades" are literally disassembled into quotations, and the thoughts of ideas arising in the characters, still find a response from readers.