Author Ernest Hemingway

Across the river in the shade of trees
Autumn Venice. It is cold, but at the same time no less majestic and beautiful...
Genre: 20th century literature
Farewell, weapons
A beautiful and sad love story against the backdrop of the First World War. An American soldier falls in love with a Nurse Scotsman. Many insidious obstacles build the war Frederick and Catherine, who no longer think of life without each other. Winter lingered, the snow did not fall, and the Austrians went on the offensive, the Italians retreat. Fearing the brutality of the gendarmerie over the officers, Frederick decides to desert. In the name of love, goodbye, weapons!
On the Big River
Near the burnt-out city of Siney, between the high-stretched pines carries its waters Big River, and Nick came here, in this silence, forest calm and river murmur on fishing, behind the rapid trout ...
Genre: realism
Who the bell rings for
Before you turn the story of the American Robert Jordan, who arrived in the guerrilla anti-fascist squad Pablo, in the mountains of Spain and met there love - beautiful Mary, passionate and purposeful. It is a story of loyalty and courage, love and loss, victories and defeats, faith and disappointment. A profound, time-transcended story about the fleeting 72 hours of the life of ordinary people in war.