Author Fergus Hume

Green Mummy Green Mummy - book and audiobook
A small English village suddenly found itself in the center of a great story. A local Egyptologist has long wanted to get a legendary artifact - a unique Peruvian mummy in a green sarcophagus. To buy the relic was an assistant scientist, whom he sent to Malta. But, opening the box, the professor discovers in it the corpse of his assistant. The police are raising their hands. And the case is taken at once ... several "private detectives": eccentric professor, brave officer, sailor-adventurer, poor artist, beautiful widow and heir to the Inca ruler. The latter vowed to find the family heirloom and return it to his people. Who's the first to reveal the mystery of the green mummy?
Genre: acadia
Mystery of the royal coin
England, the beginning of the 20th century. Giles Weir, heir to an old Essex family, is engaged to a young lady Daisy Kent, and is about to announce their wedding. But the thoughts of the young squire are very far from this marriage. With his heart and soul, he reaches out to his fiancee's governess, Anna. He is torn between his fervent love and the word given to Daisy and her guardian. Lady Kent, noticing Giles's interest, arranges a scene of jealousy in front of Anna, and she throws in her heart that will kill her. A few days later the bride is found stabbed next to the church cemetery...
Genre: classic detectives, foreign detectives
Silent House Silent House - book and audiobook
Young lawyer Lucian Denzil settles on the outskirts of London. The windows of the apartment, which Is rented by Lucian, overlook the house number 13 - Silent House, as it is called by everyone in the district. He has a bad reputation: they say, there live ghosts, from there hear terrible voices, at night in the windows flashing candles. But suddenly in the cursed house there is a new tenant - Mr. Berwin. Soon he will be found murdered in his own bedroom. Lucian Denzil will have a serious investigation, which will reveal many terrible secrets ...
The Mystery of the Black Cab The Mystery of the Black Cab - book and audiobook
The coachman of the cab thought he was taking the gentleman to the house, but he took his body. Most likely, the drunken man was poisoned by a sleeping pill, leaving the double-headed halfway. Melbourne relishes the details of the sensation: here have not heard of such. In the dock - a young representative of the highest world, along with the murdered pretended to the hand of a wealthy heiress. It would seem that the outcome is clear, the investigator, presenting iron evidence, rubs his hands in anticipation of the death sentence. But the case involved a second detective, used to put sticks in the wheels of his colleague. His version is rapidly becoming equally indisputable evidence ...