Author Francis Scott Fitzgerald

May 1st May 1st - book and audiobook
Genre: journalism, soviet literature
Read: May 1st
On this side of paradise On this side of paradise - book and audiobook
The first, bearing the autobiographical features of the novel of the great Fitzgerald. The book that became a manifesto for American youth of the "jazz era."
Genre: advertising
The Great Gatsby The Great Gatsby - book and audiobook
The work of Francis Fitzgerald "The Great Gatsby" many paid attention after watching the film of the same name with Leonardo DiCaprio in the title role. Needless to say - the time of dry law, closed parties, gangster showdowns and jazz really attracts and attracts. This time, when the music was loud and graceful at the same time, there were many guests, and champagne - even more. At least that's what the mysterious Mr. Gatsby's house has always been. Perhaps he hid behind this mask the aimlessness of his life? Perhaps it was easier for him not to notice that the luxury surrounding him is just tinsel, and the woman he loves is not what he used to be?
The night is tender The night is tender - book and audiobook
E-book in another translation
Genre: fiction