Author Gene Webster

It's Patty! It's Patty! - book and audiobook
Patty is full of joy of life, loves fun and joke for the sake of a joke, not paying attention to the conventions that is a constant source of joy for her friends
Long-legged uncle
The stories in the letters of mark Twain's grand niece, American writer Gene Webster brought her truly worldwide fame. Staged on Broadway based on these works, the play, as well as created in different years of the film version, in the first of which the role of the heroine was played by the famous silent film actress Mary Pickford, invariably had a noisy success.
Patty in college Patty in college - book and audiobook
The first novel, published in 1903. It's a humorous look at all-girls' college life at the turn of the 19th century. Patti Wyatt, the main character of this story is a bright, cheerful, unflappable girl. She enjoys life on campus and arranges pranks and to entertain herself and her friends. Patty, however, believes in justice and finds a way to comfort freshman Olivia Copeland, who believes she will be sent home if she does not pass the exams.
The Mystery of the Four Ponds
"The first time I met Terry Patten was about the Patterson-Pratt case of forgery, and at a time when I was most inclined to give up such pleasure.Our firm rarely dealt with criminal cases, but the Patterson family members were longtime clients, and when the trouble came, they certainly turned to us. In other circumstances, such an important case would have been assigned to someone older, but it so happened that I was the one who made the will for Patterson Sr. on the night before his suicide, so I was the one who put the brunt of the work on me. The most unpleasant thing in all this history was the bad fame. If we had not been able to make it public, it would not have been so bad, but it was physically impossible: Terry Patten was following in our footsteps, and no later than a week later all the newspapers in New York came upon us with his submission..."
Genre: foreign classics