Author George Orwell

1984 1984 - book and audiobook
Orwell's fantastic dystopia is a world of total control and fear, where people live for war, in order to hide the truth and educate real patriots. In a brutal totalitarian state, people are deprived of their civil rights and opinion. The cult of Big Brother implies a rigid social hierarchy, where even the manifestation of love is considered a thought crime. Winston Smith realizes that he is a pawn in this story, and yet tries to change something. "1984" is an allusion to countries dominated by totalitarianism. In the 20th century, the book was banned in socialist states and caused a wave of outrage around the world. Now "1984" is considered a key work in the genre of dystopia.
Genre: dystopian plays
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Barnyard Barnyard - book and audiobook
A parable full of humor and sarcasm. Can a modest farm become a symbol of totalitarian society? Yes of course. But... how will this society see its "citizens" - animals doomed to slaughter?
Genre: 20th century literature, foreign classics
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