Author Gustave Flaubert

Ms. Bovary Ms. Bovary - book and audiobook
For six years, Gustave Flaubert painstakingly wrote his masterpiece novel "Mrs. Bovary", repeatedly crossing the pages and starting from a blank slate. The results of his work readers around the world enjoy to this day. A kind of unbiased encyclopedia of life in the French province of the second half of the 19th century has repeatedly become the basis for film. The main character, dreamy, selfish and empty, marries a healer and lives a gray life. She can only fantasize about social evenings in the company of elegant men, but acquaintance with the conqueror of women's hearts Rudolf Boulanger gives hope for an interesting pastime. A detailed description of life in a small town, where everyone is familiar with each other, and each news is discussed indefinitely, will make you think about the moral principles of the 19th century and find in them parallels with modernity.