Author Guy de Maupassant

Dear friend
Guy de Maupassant is an author known for his ability to write excitingly about human passions and vices, love and erotica. The book "Dear Friend" is one of his main works. This is the story of a young ambitious man who has not a penny behind his soul, but has great ambitions and devilish seductive manners, which he makes his way into high society. The ladies call him a "cute friend," but is he really nice? How many hearts will he break on the way to his goal? It is a story about society and its mores, about love and temptation, about the decomposition of the human soul, morality and principles.
Genre: 19th century literature
Pierre and Jean Pierre and Jean - book and audiobook
Pierre and Jean was published in December 1887 and in January 1888 in Nouvel Revue. In January 1888, the novel was published by Allendorff in a separate book.