Author Henry James

Ambassadors Ambassadors - book and audiobook
American writer Henry James (1843-1916) - the largest figure in the literature of the Western world, one of the innovators who gave direction to the psychological prose of the 20th century. The novel 'Ambassadors' (1903), which James considered his main creative achievement, comes out in Russian language for the first time. Readers will have a fascinating journey into the world of human passions, confusing situations, deep experiences. Together with the main character we will wander the streets of foggy London, walk along the boulevards of shining Paris. The author with the help of his characters will reveal many secrets, the main of which - the mystery of the human soul.
Daisy Miller Daisy Miller - book and audiobook
A young American, long living in Europe, meets in the Swiss resort town with an American girl Daisy Miller, who travels with his mother and little brother. From the very first minutes of acquaintance she amazes with her behavior, different from that adopted in secular society, a strange combination of simplicity and tactlessness. Soon the acquaintance continues in Rome.
Genre: american drama
Wings of the Dove Wings of the Dove - book and audiobook
For the first time in Russian is a famous novel of American classics, a master of psychological nuances and subtle experiences, the author of such recognized masterpieces as "Turn the Screw", "Bostonians" and "Women's Portrait".
Women's portrait
The book includes Henry James's novel (1843-1916) "Women's Portrait" - the pinnacle of American psychological realism, one of the greatest works written in English.