Author Henry Ryder Haggard

Daughter of Montezum Daughter of Montezum - book and audiobook
The life of Thomas Wingfield, the son of a venerable English squire, was unusual. Many times, when he thought he had already died and there was no salvation, Providence saved him. He married Princess Otomy, the only daughter of Emperor Montezum, who was willing to give up all earthly goods for the love of him. But the wedding was not the end of his incredible adventures.
Genre: mexico
King Solomon's cops
The elderly hunter Allan Quaterman agrees to accompany Captain John Goode and Sir Henry Curtis on a dangerous expedition to the red-hot African desert. Brave travelers need to find the brother of the noble Sir Henry, missing while searching for the legendary treasury of Solomon. By fate, the participants of the campaign face insurmountable, at first glance, difficulties. But sincere friendship and nobility, courage and mutual help, experience and ingenuity help them with dignity to get out of all dangerous and confusing situations. The main characters will have to go the hard way and survive incredible adventures to reach the mysterious diamond spears of King Solomon.
Genre: 19th century literature, foreign classics