Author Herbert Wells

Dr. Moreau Island Dr. Moreau Island - book and audiobook
The legendary novel "Dr. Moreau Island" - a fascinating story of a talented scientist, conducting on a lost island frightening biological experiments.
Genre: animal experimentation
The Invisible Man The Invisible Man - book and audiobook
"Invisible Man" by Herbert Wells - one of the most screened and the most modern in both the plot and philosophical respect of the novels of the great English sci-fi, in which the fascinating adventures of the main character - a mad and brilliant young physicist, naively dreamed of supreme power over the world, but poisoned and crushed by society - only framed for the basic thought of Wells - the thought of the deep responsibility of the scientist so are countless woes.
Genre: science fiction, foreign fiction
Time machine Time machine - book and audiobook
If an old friend is unusually silent, it's not for nothing. For example, you will be invited to a time machine test.
Genre: children's stories