Author Ivan Turgenev

Fathers and children Fathers and children - book and audiobook
Few Russian writers so accurately and ingeniously caught only the nascent needs and trends of public life, as Ivan Turgenev was able to do. The novel "Fathers and Children" embodied in the literary form the disparate thoughts of Russian youth on the eve of the reforms of 1861. This work literally blew up Russian society, splitting it into two opposing camps: enthusiastic youth, immediately rushed to imitate Bazarova and moderate older liberals who did not accept the novel, made negative judgments about him. This fact, in itself, confirmed that the writer's geniuses are true, and the future of Russia is alarming.
First Love First Love - book and audiobook
Here is the legendary story of Ivan Turgenev. The work has been reprinted many times, its plot and problems are so attractive that the filmmakers of many countries - Spain, Poland, France, USA, Germany, Canada, Mexico and even Japan - took to film the story. The first attempt to bring the events to the screen in Russia dates back to 1915 (unfortunately, the film has not survived to this day), but the most famous screen production belongs to Vasily Ordynsky, who shot the eponymous picture in 1968.
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