Author Jack London

A Thousand Dozen A Thousand Dozen - book and audiobook
«... David Rasmunsen was persistent and, like many great men, was a man of the same idea. So when the whole world rang about the discovery of gold in the North, he decided to earn there something on the sale of eggs and all his energy used to perform this enterprise. He calculated everything to the last detail, and the company promised him a lot of income. In Dawson, eggs sold for five dollars for a dozen, and that was enough to start a case. It was beyond conclusive that only one thousand dozen eggs in this kingdom of gold could be obtained five thousand dollars..."
Brown wolf Brown wolf - book and audiobook
The wounded brown dog, strongly looking like a wolf, sheltered a young couple. It was difficult for young people to get the dog's position and win its love. But when the dog became almost native, in the life of the newlyweds there was a strange man, claiming that it was his dog ...
Build a fire Build a fire - book and audiobook
The tragic story of a man spending the winter so far in the north for the first time. Struggling with the frost and the difficulties he causes, he moves along the snowy path to the camp to his comrades, and his only companion - a sled dog.
Interstellar Wanderer
He was once a professor of agronomy at an agricultural college. And now he's in solitary confinement at a California prison for murder, sentenced to life in prison. From here you can not escape, and almost the only entertainment is the game with ordinary flies. And for the fault, even if invented, here it is customary to pack a prisoner in a straitjacket, and so leave for a few hours, or even days. But it turns out that the human mind is not so connected with its physical body, as it was on the loose ...
Genre: that's incredible
Lith-Lit Marriage
«... Lit-Lit was the daughter of Snitshein, a prominent tribal leader, and a metish-mother. This leader came to John Fox in one summer day to start negotiations on Lyth Lyth. Fox sat with the chief in front of his yurt, in a cloud of buzzing mosquitoes; they talked about everything that was under the sun, or at least everything that was under the sun in the North country, except for one thing: matchmaking. And John Fox specifically came to him just to make an offer. Snitshane knew this, and John Fox knew what he knew, but both avoided talking about it. This was considered a sophisticated Indian trick. In fact, it was only about primitive simplicity..."
Genre: 20th century literature
Love for life
"Limping, they went down to the river, and once the one that was walking in front, staggered, tripping in the middle of a stone scattering. Both were tired and exhausted, and their faces expressed patient obedience - a trace of long deprivation. Their shoulders were pulled by heavy bales, pulled with belts. Each of them was carrying a gun. Both were hunched over, head-bent low and not raising their eyes..."
Genre: adventure books, 20th century literature, foreign adventures
Martin Eden Martin Eden - book and audiobook
The novel shows a difficult path to the writer's fame of a guy from a working family. Martin's fate was determined by the meeting with Ruth - a girl from a rich family, an unearthly creature who fell in love with an extraordinary young man. Under the influence of love, close to worship, Martin changes externally and internally, departs from the people of his circle and... gradually understands the insignificance and abomination of the world of his beloved.
Genre: 20th century literature, foreign classics
Nam-Bok Liar
For a long time the whole tribe thought that Nam-Bock was dead and he was swallowed up by the sea, only his mother in her soul kept hope about the return of his son. And now Nam-Bok is back and everyone is waiting for stories about his adventures. But when he tells his fellow tribesmen amazing stories about what he saw in the "world of white people", no one believes him...
Genre: adventure
"Time is not waiting" - the nickname of the main character of the novel. Elam Harnish is a man of strong will, risky and successful. Getting rich in the north, on the gold mine, he goes south, to California to destroy the financial kings, where, subsequently very cool changes his life.
White Fang White Fang - book and audiobook
Harsh and extremely truthful tale about the legendary White Fang will tell about the adventures of a wolf born in the North and who ended his days in California. Jack London's novel combined beautiful nature, experiences, devotion, love and bloody fights. It is amazing how accurately the author was able to penetrate into the consciousness of his hero, half-baby half-dog. From birth until his last breath, his life was filled with events. "White Fang" will allow you to understand the psychology of the animal, see the laws of nature and imbue with the cruel story told by Jack London.
White Silence White Silence - book and audiobook
"Carmen won't last two days.