Author Jack Williamson

More than twenty years have passed since the events described in the first novel of the cycle. Young Bob Stark, Son of John, followed in his father's footsteps and graduated from the Legion Academy. But the nervous breakdown with him during the training alerted his parents, and they protected him from possible dangers. Until the threat of the entire civilization arose - a giant comet rushed to the Solar System.
Genre: that's incredible
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Humanoids Humanoids - book and audiobook
Once the government of a distant planet strange robots - humanoids make a tempting, unusual proposal - to take on all the problems of people on the planet and prevent the impending war. But is it really good and beneficial for everyone, as robots claim? During the narration, the author will provide different opinions on this matter and the reader will have to decide his own attitude to them.
Read: Humanoids
Legion of Space Legion of Space - book and audiobook
A series of novels about the adventures of space Legion soldiers in the thirtieth century. About battles with alien aliens, about ruthless superpowers from other galaxies trying to capture the solar system and destroy humanity.
One against the Legion One against the Legion - book and audiobook
Captain Chan Derron of the Space Legion received an important task - he must guard Dr. Max Ellerid during an important experiment on the New Moon. But the doctor died, and his invention disappeared. Derron goes to jail on a murder charge. He manages to escape, and for two years the Legion has been hunting for him.