Author James Fenimore Cooper

The novel "The Beast" is the first book of pentalogy of a remarkable American writer, dedicated to the adventures of hunter Nathaniel Bumpo. In this novel, Cooper addresses the youth of the hero. Two daredevils - Netti Bumpo, nicknamed the Beast and Garry March, nicknamed Fidget - are heading to the Lake Twinkling Mirror. One wants to reciprocity a girl named Yudif Gutter, the other is determined to help his friend Chingachguka to snatch his beloved from the hands of the Huron tribe. Here begins a friendship Natti Bumpo with the brave Mohican Chingachgouk. The novel takes place in the forties of the 18th century.
Genre: historical adventures
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Pathfinder Pathfinder - book and audiobook
This is the third in a series of novels about Netti Bampo. In the North American continent, the bloody war for colonial domination continues. Leather Stocking, this time bearing the name Rangers, serves as a scout and guide in the British Army. By fate this time he is given not only to fight with enemies, but also to save a friend, who was suspected of treason. And all this at the moment when the hearts of a forest tramp for the first time in her life touched love.
Genre: adventure books
Pioneers, or At the Origins of Suskuihanna
The novel by the famous American writer James Fenimore Cooper "Pioneers, or At the Origins of Suskuyhanna" is the first of the pentalogy of "Leather stocking". The novel takes us back several centuries, when friendship with an Indian could cost a life, and the right hand and apt eye were the only allies of the free hunter. It was a time of brave, courageous and desperate men.
This is the fifth and final novel about Natti Bampo, a pathfinder, warrior and scout. Early 18th century. The pristine forests of the east coast of the North American continent fell under the blows of axes. The remnants of numerous Indian tribes are forced to retreat further west into the vast prairie. Along with them goes and Leather Stocking, unable to bear the "civility" of their white relatives. Wandering through the boundless steppes, he expects to spend the last years of his life alone, but the caravan of settlers from the east violates the measured and calm life of the hero. He will again have to plunge into the whirlpool of human passions, betrayal, deception, feats and accomplishments. At 86, the Ranger is back on the warpath!
Genre: adventure books
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