Author Jules Verne

Around the World in 80 Days Around the World in 80 Days - book and audiobook
Around the World in Eighty Days is one of Jules Verne's best novels. The fascinating story of Phileas Fogg, his resilient servant Passepartout and their stunning imagination of a round-the-world journey full of dangerous adventures, familiar to us from childhood - on numerous films and cartoons. But how different are they from the work of Jules Verne himself?
Captain Grant's Children Captain Grant's Children - book and audiobook
Jules Verne is a classic adventure novel, and "Captain Grant's Children" only confirms this. Cleverly combining fascinating adventures, memorable characters, wonderful syllables and scientific geographical facts, Jules Verne captures the reader's attention from the first pages. According to his novels it is quite possible to give school geography lessons: the effect will be 100%.
Fifteen-year-old captain Fifteen-year-old captain - book and audiobook
Readers are invited to the novel of the world-famous French writer Jules Verne "Fifteen-Year-Old Captain", which tells the adventures of the young captain of the whaling schooner "Pilgrim" Dick Sand.
Genre: travel books
Five weeks in a hot air balloon Five weeks in a hot air balloon - book and audiobook
"The meeting of the Royal Geographical Society of London on 14 January 1862 in the building at Waterloo Square, 3 was very crowded. President of the society Sir Francis M... made an important message to his venerable colleagues, and his speech was often interrupted by applause. This speech- a rare example of eloquence - ended at last with the following rant, in which patriotic feelings poured out in a whole stream..."
Journey to the center of the Earth Journey to the center of the Earth - book and audiobook
"On Sunday, May 24, 1863, my uncle, Professor Otto Lidenbrok, walked swiftly to his house, number 19 on King Street, one of the oldest streets in Hamburg's ancient quarter.
Genre: juvenile fiction
Mikhail Strogov
"A new telegram has been received, your imperial majesty.
Genre: historical adventures, travel books, 19th century literature, foreign adventures
Mysterious Island
One of the most outstanding novels of the French sci-fi writer Jules Verne, in which the author continues the story of Captain Nemo. "Mysterious Island" takes the reader during the American Civil War, when several northerners were captured in a foreign camp. They decide to escape, flying to neutral territory in a hot air balloon, but get into a hurricane and find themselves on a remote uninhabited island. Here brave wanderers will spend four years, and only talents, skills, bravery, ingenuity and mutual help will help the heroes of the book to survive on the island. Alas, the peaceful presence of "robinsons" on the island interrupts the attack of pirates. The very life of the heroes is under threat, but to protect the colonists is taken by a mysterious invisible friend.
Genre: travel books, sea adventures, 19th century literature, foreign adventures
Robur the Conqueror Robur the Conqueror - book and audiobook
In the sky above the largest cities is seen a mysterious flying object, from which from time to time the sounds of the pipe are heard. But it's not the Doomsday trumpet - or you'll have to believe that the Doomsday trumpet will be played by "Yankee Doodle," "Right, Britain" and "The Walking Song" ... And at the meeting of the Weldon Scientific Society, dedicated to the construction of a giant controlled balloon, comes to an unknown person who calls himself an engineer Robur and gives a speech about the superiority of aircraft heavier than air over balloons, and then disappears together with the chairman and secretary of the Society ...
Twenty thousand alier under water
One of the brightest novels by Jules Verne is an adventure-sci-fi genre. The famous author has put everything together: a swirling plot against the background of an outlandish underwater landscape, dangerous situations and a mysterious figure of the legendary Captain Nemo on board no less than the legendary "Nautilus".
Genre: sea adventures