Author Leo Tolstoy

Anna Karenina Anna Karenina - book and audiobook
"Anna Karenina" is a classic of world literature, a novel written by Leo Tolstoy, a tragic story about love and happiness, which broke down on the harsh walls of reality, social foundations and stereotypes. Anna Karenina, the main character of the novel - a married lady, and her husband - an influential minister, with whom she raises a son. Family life runs its course, until fate does not confront Anna with Vronsky. A chance meeting will change her whole fate. Heroes fall in love with each other, but Anna does not want to give free rein to feelings and returns to St. Petersburg to her husband. Vronsky haunts her everywhere, and in the end, he manages to get Anna's location. It takes his courtship, but it turns out that real life is not like the fairy tale that the characters imagined.
Genre: 19th century literature
Boyhood Boyhood - book and audiobook
The story "The Revenant" is the second part of Leo Tolstoy's famous trilogy "Childhood." Boyhood. Youth." Nikolai Irtenyev has a new mentor in Moscow. Life is boiling around, but Nikolai feels more and more alone and wants to overcome the "desert of adolescence" ...
Genre: biography & autobiography
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Childhood - What could be more interesting and beautiful than discovering the world with children's eyes? They are always wide open, very attentive and extremely astute. Therefore, Leo Tolstoy looked around through the eyes of little nobleman Nikolenka Irtenyev and once again showed the purity and lowliness of feelings, sincerity and lies, beauty and ugliness...
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Father Sergius Father Sergius - book and audiobook
"In St. Petersburg in the forties there was an amazing event: handsome, prince, commander of the Leib squadron of the Kirasir Regiment, to whom everyone predicted both the outhouse-adjutation and the brilliant career under Emperor Nicholas I, a month before the wedding with the beautiful maid of honor, who enjoyed the special mercy of the Empress, resigned, severed his relationship with the bride, gave a small estate to his sister and went to the monastery, with the intention of entering the monastery. The event seemed extraordinary and inexplicable to people who did not know the inner reasons for it; for the very prince Stepan Kasatsky all this became so natural that he could not imagine how he could have done otherwise..."
Genre: history
Haji Murat Haji Murat - book and audiobook
"I was coming home in fields. It was the middle of summer. The meadows were removed and they were just going to mow the rye.
Genre: 19th century literature, russian classics
"Resurrection" is a masterpiece of Leo Tolstoy's late work.