Author Margaret Mitchell

According to legend, the creation of the novel Gone with the Wind began with Margaret Mitchell writing the main phrase of the last chapter: "None of her favorite men Scarlett could not understand and behold - lost both." Subsequent work on the work lasted about ten years and required the writer great dedication and hard work. In an effort to break into the spirit of the era, Mitchell painstakingly studied the history of her native Atlanta, using newspapers and magazines of the mid-19th century. On the pages of her manuscript lived up to the stories of eyewitnesses of the Civil War and family traditions. Mitchell rewrote some scenes four or five times, and as for the first chapter, the writer was satisfied only with the 60th version!
Genre: historical love novels, 20th century literature
One of the most famous novels of world literature combines many things: the drama of historical events, and the spirit of the era with its inherent social problems and characters, and, of course, love. Love is strong, complex and tragic. The image of actress Vivien Leigh will forever be one with the legendary Scarlett, and her sacramental phrase "I'll think about it tomorrow" certainly remembers each of us. The book-legend, the book-drama, the book-destiny - that's what "Gone with the Wind". Here is the second volume of the novel, and you will continue the life and love story of Scarlett O'Hara and Rhett Butler. Back in 1936, after first seeing the light, the novel broke all records of popularity and recognition, no time could not kill the interest in the book - each generation is read out this extraordinary story.
Genre: historical love novels, 20th century literature, foreign love novels