Author Mark Twain

Prince and beggar
"I will tell you a story, as the man who heard it from his father, who heard it from his father, and the one from his father, and so on, told me. For three hundred or more years she passed from father to son and thus reached us. What it tells is perhaps a story, or maybe a legend, a legend. Perhaps it was, or maybe it wasn't; But it could have been. Perhaps the wise and the scholars believed in the antiquity of this fairy tale; or maybe only the unscientists and the simple-minded believed her and loved her..."
Genre: foreign children's books
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer The Adventures of Tom Sawyer - book and audiobook
Mark Twain's story about the adventures of a boy who, thanks to his bravery, enthusiasm and pure heart became a symbol of a whole generation, has long turned into a sample of a beautiful syllable and a magnificent book for both children and adults.