Author Mikhail Bulgakov

"Devil' shows Gogol's "little man" falling victim to the growing momentum of the modern bureaucratic machine, and Korotkov's collision with this machine in the clouded mind of the dismissed businessman turns into a collision with an irresistible diabolical force.
Genre: social fiction
Read: Devil's
Dog's heart Dog's heart - book and audiobook
Bold both in idea and in language, Mikhail Bulgakov's novel "The Dog's Heart" is considered to be one of the most significant and revealing literary works of his time.
Fatal Eggs Fatal Eggs - book and audiobook
The action takes place in the future. The professor invents a way of unusually fast reproduction of eggs with the help of red sunlight...
White Guard White Guard - book and audiobook
The White Guard is the first work by Mikhail Bulgakov, which tells the story of the Civil War. In the center of the plot - an intelligent Russian family. In the new conditions of social cataclysm it is almost impossible for them to adapt to reality, the world of nobles and aristocrats collapses under the pressure of a new force. In many ways, this novel can be considered autobiographical, because the author and his relatives also had to survive the events described in the book, and observe the collapse of the Russian intelligentsia. As you read this book, you will notice echoes of the past in our modern life.