Author Robert Lewis Stevenson

Bes from the bottle
This is the story of a mysterious devil's bottle that can fulfill the wishes of its owners. But woe to the one who can not get rid of the bottle, because then his soul will go straight to hell. The problem is that the bottle can't be thrown away or broken. It can only be sold, and cheaper than bought. And the price of it fell a lot.
Genre: mystic
Notes on david Balfour's future adventures at home and abroad, which describe his subsequent involvement in the Appinian murder case, his encounter with Lord Advocate Grant, his captivity in Bass Rock, a journey through Holland and France, and a strange relationship with James Moor Drummond, or McGregor, son of the famous Rob-Roy, and his daughter Catrio.
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Diamond Raji
Logical continuation of another series of stories "Suicide Club" about the adventures of bohemian Prince Florizel and his faithful Stalmeister. This time the search for the insidious chairman of the suicide club intersects with the case of the disappearance of a huge diamond Raji in the house of Sir Thomas Wendeller. Sparkling, filled with lively humor stories that enjoyed great success with the writer's contemporaries, nowadays give no less pleasure fascinating plot, colorful characters, brilliant style. It is no coincidence that all over the world filmmakers have filmed this work repeatedly, and for all Russian-speaking images of Prince Florizel is associated with the image created by Oleg Dahl.
Genre: humor
Kidnapped Kidnapped - book and audiobook
Kidnapped, or The Adventures of David Balfour, which tells the story of how he was kidnapped and shipwrecked, how he languished on a desert island and wandered in the wild mountains, how fate brought him together with Alan Breck Stewart and other ardent Scottish Jacobites, as well as everything he had suffered at the hands of his uncle Ebenezer Balfur, the owner of the castle described by himself and now offered to your attention by Robert Louis Stevenson.
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Suicide Club Suicide Club - book and audiobook
"Living in London, the well-mannered and immaculate Prince of Bohemian, Florisel, managed to attract the whole society with his pleasant treatment and thoughtful generosity. Already judging by what was known about him, Prince Florisel was a wonderful man, but it was known about him very little compared to what he was doing. Being in an ordinary environment a man of the character of calm and even, with a very simple everyday philosophy, almost the same as that of a simple farmer, Prince Florisel was sometimes not averse to get acquainted with other ways of life, more risky and dangerous than the way on which he was appointed from birth to go ..."
The strange story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde The strange story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde - book and audiobook
The strange and mysterious story of the mysterious Henry Jekyll leads to unaccountable horror by its inexplicability. How can a respectable man, respected by all, with an even, calm character, be connected with this vicious man Edward Hyde, who commits atrocious acts? Why are such strange conditions in the doctor's will? Where does this Hyde live and where does he constantly disappear? Tangled incidents, in which fatally intertwined these two faces, break off tragically ... And only the diary of the deceased, replete with eerie details, clarifies the picture of the events that took place.
Genre: that's incredible
Treasure Island Treasure Island - book and audiobook
The famous novel by Robert Lewis Stevenson (1850-1894) tells the story of the exciting and dangerous adventures of the former Jim and his older comrades, who went in search of a pirate treasure.