Author Somerset Maugham

An hour before the Fiflocklock
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The bolt is a godsend for a spy. But fish should be feared, especially such exotic.
Genre: science fiction
Read: Escape
Marriage of convenience
"...- Electricity..." mutters the father-in-house, looking blankly at his plate. "And in my opinion, electric lighting is just a scam. They'll put a corner in there and think to take your eyes off! No, brother, if you give me the lights, you're not going to be a corner, but something substantial, something incendiary, something incendiary, that has something to do! You let the fire go, you know? a fire that is natural, not mental..."
Something human
First published in December 1930 in the journal International Megasin, it is included in the collection "Six Stories in the First Person."
Genre: prose