Author Stendal

Parma Abode
"Parma Abode" is the second novel about the era of restoration after "Red and Black". The action of this action-packed work, saturated with complex vicissitudes of political struggle and sharp turns in the personal fates of the characters moved to Italy, so beloved by the author. The book was highly appreciated by Balzac, who noted the authenticity and psychological depth of the characters; it has firmly entered the gold fund of the world's realistic classics.
Red and black
"Red and Black" is one of Stendhal's most famous works. The book will tell you about ambition, about where excessive ambitions lead and the desire to go head-to-head for your goal. Julien Sorel prudently builds a career and aspires to become famous as Napoleon. Outwardly, he is cold and purposeful, but in his heart he is torn by doubts and contradictions, he rushes between honor and ambition. His ambitions are high, but are they destined to be realized? The synonym for red in the novel is love, and black is pride and vanity.
Genre: 19th century literature