Author Theodore Dreiser

Financier Financier - book and audiobook
American novelist Theodore Dreiser has long taken pride of place among the classics of world literature. The topic of big business, people, both successful in it, and victims of the fiasco, attracted the attention of T. Dreiser back in the years when he was engaged in journalism.
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Jenny Gerhardt
The second novel of the classic of world literature, which was published only eleven years after the scandalous "Sister Kerry".
Sister Kerry Sister Kerry - book and audiobook
The publication of Theodore Dreiser's first novel (1871-1945) was so complicated that it led its creator to severe depression. But the fate of the novel "Sister Kerry" was happy: it was translated into many foreign languages, reissued in millions of copies. New and new generations of readers are happy to immerse themselves in the vicissitudes of the fate of Caroline Meeber.
Genre: classic prose
"Frank Cowperwood, during his long struggle in Chicago to renew the concession for another fifty years - a struggle that, despite his best efforts, ended in complete collapse for him - found two insurmountable obstacles in his way.
Genre: 20th century literature
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"When Frank Algernon Cowperwood came out of Philadelphia Correctional Prison, he realized that his former life in his hometown was over. Youth passed, and with it crumbled to dust his first audacious financial plans. We're going to have to start over..."
Genre: 20th century literature, foreign classics
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