Author Thomas Hardy

Away from the distraught crowd Away from the distraught crowd - book and audiobook
Romantic drama, the first literary success of the English writer Thomas Hardy, one of the first books about the heroine with the features of a feminist - an independent mistress of the farm, the attention of which seeks three: a rich gentleman, a desperate sergeant and a reasonable farmer. The difficult problem of women's choice and all the "charms" of rural life - in the novel "Away from the distraught crowd."
Jude the invisible Jude the invisible - book and audiobook
"Jude the Invisible." The book, which critics still call the most tragic and hopeless of Gardi's works, is compared to Dostoyevsky's Crime and Punishment, then to Flaubert's "Mrs. Bovary." The story of a gifted young man from a remote provincial town, suffocating within the framework of being a "little man", still fascinates the reader.
Genre: reference
Mayor of Casterbridge Mayor of Casterbridge - book and audiobook
"The Mayor of Kesterbridge" is one of the best novels by the outstanding writer of English realism Thomas Hardy (1840- 1928) The novel is set in the 1920s and 19th centuries, in one of the southwestern cities of England. The story is based on actual events and facts. The hero of the novel Michael Henchard - an agricultural worker, a laborer, whose need drives to the city to earn money, where he, a man of strong passions, experiences a corrupting influence. He turns into his own power egotist and ambitious, who not only disfigures the lives of others, but breaks and cripples his own life.
Genre: foreign classics
Tess from the Erberville family
The novel takes place in the English province of the late 19th century. In the story in the Blackmore Valley lives the Darbaifield family. Once the head of the family, Jack, accidentally learns that their family is all that is left of the ancient chivalrous family d'Erberville, leading his family from Sir Pagan d'Erberville, "that came from Normandy with William the Conqueror."
Genre: drama