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"Woman in White" is not only one of the first detective novels, but also one of the best and fascinating sensational novels in world literature. Immediately after publication, he had phenomenal success with readers, overshadowing the success of Dickens himself, with whom Collins was friends and repeatedly enjoyed his support and help. Full of surprises, dynamic, intriguing and mysterious, this novel continues to captivate readers today. This story begins at midnight, with something of an extraordinary encounter between the artist Walter Hartwright and a ghostly woman dressed in all white, who desperately wants to share some secret. The next day, hired as a teacher Hartwright to the beautiful Laura Fairley and her half-sister Marian Glocombe, tells his students about his strange meeting. Young people decide to find out everything possible about a mysterious woman in white. These three do not even know what abyss of chilling horror and large-scale intrigues they will get, making this decision.
Genre: art teachers