My cousin Rachel
Daphne Dumorier's novel (1907-1989) "My Cousin Rachel", according to many critics, is not inferior to the famous "Rebecca", and in some ways surpasses her. It is a perfect example of the development of the tradition of "gothic" and "sensational" novel: detective intrigue is combined with an unusual love drama unfolding against the backdrop of the lyrical landscapes of Cornwall and picturesque paintings of Italy in the forties of the 19th century. With each turn of the plot, the reader is increasingly lost in guesses, who before him - the victim of unfair suspicions or calculating intrigue; but whatever version he leans on, the finale will be unexpected. Published in 1951, the novel instantly became a bestseller, and just a year later the film of the same name was released with Olivia de Havilland and the young Richard Barton; in 1983, a television series was filmed based on the novel.
Genre: england