White Squad
This book presents perhaps the most successful work of the inimitable Sir A. Conan Doyle - the historical novel "White Squad"! This is truly the greatest anthem of patriotism, loyalty to duty and courage. From each of its pages is the romance of the Middle Ages - knights and beautiful ladies, crusades and terrible internecine wars. The work on the book lasted almost a year and was completed in early 1890. Conan Doyle later recalled that it was one of the happiest periods of his life. In Conan Doyle's homeland, the "White Squad" immediately gained great popularity. Suffice it to say that in the first eight years alone, it has withstood 25 editions. Many literary critics considered and continue to consider it the best work of Conan Doyle.
Genre: historical adventures, foreign adventures
Mysterious Island
One of the most outstanding novels of the French sci-fi writer Jules Verne, in which the author continues the story of Captain Nemo. "Mysterious Island" takes the reader during the American Civil War, when several northerners were captured in a foreign camp. They decide to escape, flying to neutral territory in a hot air balloon, but get into a hurricane and find themselves on a remote uninhabited island. Here brave wanderers will spend four years, and only talents, skills, bravery, ingenuity and mutual help will help the heroes of the book to survive on the island. Alas, the peaceful presence of "robinsons" on the island interrupts the attack of pirates. The very life of the heroes is under threat, but to protect the colonists is taken by a mysterious invisible friend.
Genre: travel books, sea adventures, 19th century literature, foreign adventures
Author: Jules Verne
Love for life
"Limping, they went down to the river, and once the one that was walking in front, staggered, tripping in the middle of a stone scattering. Both were tired and exhausted, and their faces expressed patient obedience - a trace of long deprivation. Their shoulders were pulled by heavy bales, pulled with belts. Each of them was carrying a gun. Both were hunched over, head-bent low and not raising their eyes..."
Genre: adventure books, 20th century literature, foreign adventures
Author: Jack London
Mikhail Strogov
"A new telegram has been received, your imperial majesty.
Genre: historical adventures, travel books, 19th century literature, foreign adventures
Author: Jules Verne
Moby Dick, or White Whale Moby Dick, or White Whale - Read English books
To appreciate this book, we must forget how many times it has been called "the greatest American novel" and "masterpiece of world literature." Yes, the reader will not be deterred by the labels hung for more than a hundred years. And great luck, of course, that "Moby Dick" is not included in the school curriculum.
Genre: sea adventures, 19th century literature, foreign adventures