The "Academy" cycle tells the story of the heyday and decline of a huge galactic empire ruled by the deterministic laws of "psychohistory." The great Plan of Gary Seldon foreshadowed the decline of the empire in five hundred years. This is an inevitability. This is an inert process involving the entire population of the galaxy, the actions of individuals in which it is not even comparable to a mosquito bite for an elephant. Gary Seldon founded the Academy, which was supposed to be the center of the Empire's renaissance. The period of decline at the same time decreased from the predicted thirty millennia to one. For a long time, Seldon's plan was indestructible. People from birth were instilled the idea that the history of the future has already been written by the hand of the great genius of psychohistory. So how could it be that one person was able to destroy the Plan, for a paltry period, subduing the entire galaxy? Even Seldon could not have foreseen this...
Genre: foreign fiction
Read: Base
It's not easy to hold on to luck. Jack let it out of his hands, and everything fell - gone money and mistresses, came debts and unexpected poverty. It's a good thing there was a fellow soldier. They used to go to the reconnaissance with him, so why not take a chance now to get everything back? And again on the way, familiar to the bitterness, where around every corner can wait for a sniper.
Genre: battle fiction, foreign fiction
Author: Emile zola
Read: Trap
The Lost World The Lost World - Read English books
"The Lost World" is a fascinating sci-fi novel by the English writer Arthur Conan Doyle. Brilliant and known for his eccentricity, Professor Challenger states that during a trip to South America he discovered an area where prehistoric life forms are still preserved. The English scientific community decides to check the rightness of the professor. Going on a research expedition, the main characters and did not suspect that they will have to survive in the primitive jungle among the dinosaurs and even to fight with the distant ancestors of modern man. A masterpiece of adventure literature, on which more than one generation of young readers grew up.
Genre: science fiction, foreign fiction
The Invisible Man The Invisible Man - Read English books
"Invisible Man" by Herbert Wells - one of the most screened and the most modern in both the plot and philosophical respect of the novels of the great English sci-fi, in which the fascinating adventures of the main character - a mad and brilliant young physicist, naively dreamed of supreme power over the world, but poisoned and crushed by society - only framed for the basic thought of Wells - the thought of the deep responsibility of the scientist so are countless woes.
Genre: science fiction, foreign fiction