White Squad
This book presents perhaps the most successful work of the inimitable Sir A. Conan Doyle - the historical novel "White Squad"! This is truly the greatest anthem of patriotism, loyalty to duty and courage. From each of its pages is the romance of the Middle Ages - knights and beautiful ladies, crusades and terrible internecine wars. The work on the book lasted almost a year and was completed in early 1890. Conan Doyle later recalled that it was one of the happiest periods of his life. In Conan Doyle's homeland, the "White Squad" immediately gained great popularity. Suffice it to say that in the first eight years alone, it has withstood 25 editions. Many literary critics considered and continue to consider it the best work of Conan Doyle.
Genre: historical adventures, foreign adventures
The novel "The Beast" is the first book of pentalogy of a remarkable American writer, dedicated to the adventures of hunter Nathaniel Bumpo. In this novel, Cooper addresses the youth of the hero. Two daredevils - Netti Bumpo, nicknamed the Beast and Garry March, nicknamed Fidget - are heading to the Lake Twinkling Mirror. One wants to reciprocity a girl named Yudif Gutter, the other is determined to help his friend Chingachguka to snatch his beloved from the hands of the Huron tribe. Here begins a friendship Natti Bumpo with the brave Mohican Chingachgouk. The novel takes place in the forties of the 18th century.
Genre: historical adventures
Read: Hypericum
Mikhail Strogov
"A new telegram has been received, your imperial majesty.
Genre: historical adventures, travel books, 19th century literature, foreign adventures
Author: Jules Verne