Ethel Lilian Voynich (1864-1960) was the daughter of a prominent English scholar and mathematics professor George Boole. Having married V. M. Voynich, a Polish writer and revolutionary who had moved to England, Voynich got on Wednesday radicalized Russian and Polish emigration. In 1887-1889 she lived in Russia, from 1920 - in New York. She acted as a translator of Russian literature and poems by T. Shevchenko in English. The best work of Voynich is the revolutionary novel "Ovod" (1897), which became one of the favorite books of young people in Russia. Voynich's other novels - "Jack Raymond" (1901), "Olivia Latham" (1904), "Broken Friendship" (1910, v. "Ovod in Exile," 1926), "Take off your shoes" (1945) - retain the same rebellious spirit, but are much less popular. Voynich also owns works on Slavic folklore and music. She is the author of several musical compositions.
Genre: becoming a hero, social prose
Read: Ovod
When I was dying
A novel that had a serious impact on all American literature.
Genre: values, psychological prose, philosophical prose, social prose, american classics, family drama